DogeDao Token Migration

Funds are SAFU, Migration in 24 Hours. All holders receive the new BSC DogeDao.

DogeDao Community🚀🐶

Due to the recent events with Vitalik and Doge Type Coins and our exposure to this happening to DogeDao. For the longevity of the project we will be moving to BSC Chain.

We have decided to in 24 hours to port over DogeDao Token to BSC Chain.

All funds are SAFU.

In 24 hours we will take a snapshot and issue out users tokens via an airdrop. Each user will receive the same amount of tokens and we will remove and re add the liquidity on Pancake Swap.

Each user will also be given $1 in BNB to cover any associated gas fees.

We have created the contract on BSC and this will be shared with the community along with the correct links for trading, tracking, etc.

We have notified CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap about these changes.

Supply will be decreased🚀 The 2.5 Billion Tokens Vitalik has in his possession will be send to a burn address and removed permanently from the supply. Supply will become 7.5 Billion. All other Tokenomics stay the same.

The liquidity will be added at the ratio based on the time of the migration. Any unused DogeDao will be burnt or used for community rewards.

We hope you support this decision as it has not been something easy to do, but for the longevity of the project, we want to be free and clear of any negative hurdles. Including Vitalik having 25% of the supply & 50% of the Liquidity Pool.

Were focused on making DogeDao a success and continue building out an amazing community. 🚀

Development will continue as planned, and even on Binance Chain we are building out cross chain and will support Eth & other chain based Doge or Meme Tokens for the Index.