DogeDao has successfully migrated to BSC Chain.

Yesterday, we announced we would migrate to BSC Chain in 24 hours. Today we announce we have successfully completed the migration.

All Doge Dao Holders were airdropped the same amount of tokens on BSC Chain & Liquidity was removed and added onto PancakeSwap.

In completing this migration, we open up the DogeDao community to the Binance Smart Chain community, and cheaper gas fees. In doing so, we also removed Vitalik Buterin from being our overlord. Removing his ownership of DogeDao tokens (25% of total supply) & 50% of the DogeDao Liquidity.

The 2.5 Billion DogeDao owned by VB, were sent to a burnt address on BSC Chain. This reduces the Total Supply from 10 Billion to 7.5 Billion. A bullish event for our community.

In order to have a smooth migration, we airdropped each user the corresponding DogeDao BSC Token & $1 in BNB to cover any associated gas fees.

Here are the details below on the Migration:

New Contract Address:

Pancake Swap Pool:

A total of 400 BNB has been added to the Liquidity Pool with the corresponding DogeDao to match. A total of $500,000.00 USD in Liquidity.

Liquidity & Token Lock:

75% of the total Liquidity has been locked for 90 Days, at this time we will lock the Liquidity pool tokens for another 90 Days.

The DogeDao Team Tokens (1 Billion) have also been locked for 90 Days. This reflects 100% of the team tokens. We will continue to lock these after the 90 day period or will create a vesting contract for the tokens that unlocks slowly over the next 4 to 12 months.

See Reference:


2.5 Billion DogeDao Burn:

These tokens were originally held by Vitalik Buterin on Ethereum. Since we migrated to remove this dwindling issue, we have burnt these tokens indefinitely and removed them from the supply.

Project Recap:

DogeDAO was born from the growing need to support a new breed of emerging Crypto Holders. With so many Doge Variants, we as a community need a register, almost like a Kennel Club for coins. Here at $DogeDAO, we are taking an innovative approach towards an index-based DAO encompassing every Doge and meme coin under the sun. From the Under-Doges to the Top-Doges, we shall list them all no matter the blockchain.

We’re extremely proud that at the time of writing, even $DogeDAO is only 4 days old, we are making considerable progress:

– Launched 11th May 2021 on ETH as an ERC-20 with No presale, private funding or VC. Migrated to BSC on 15th May 2021.

– Garnered over 700 TG members and 800 wallet holders ( And increasing!).

– Listed on CoinMarketCap

– Listed on CoinGecko

The growth of the community in this short time has been impressive. We intend to deliver a project worthy of our supporters and every other Doge owner on the planet. The doge community is at our core.

We hope that our future events such as Incentives, reward programs, contests, staking or farming will make this a place you wish to join, stay and become part of our little Doge/Meme heaven.

CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap:

We reached out to our contacts at both platforms, and are awaiting them to update our new contract details onto their respected sites. We will update the community when the information has been updated.

Farming & Staking:

We will have the staking live for Monday, we delayed this slightly as we wanted to focus on the migration and making this as seemless as possible for our community. 🚀


We will have the website updated in the next few hours.


We are currently onboarding 2 new team members to join us on the development front to assist with the build out of the Index. A UI/UX Wizard and a top level developer with tons of experience in the space.


As we progress forward, we are actively working on partnerships to solidify our position as the leading Index token for Doge & Meme coins.


You can reach out to us directly on telegram, or you can email us at;

Thats all for now,

Thank you for everyone’s support 🚀