DogeDao Staking ~ Now Live

Users can now go to:

Staking Pools:

1. Moon DogeDao Token Staking: 180% APY — 30 Day Maturity

2. Mars DogeDao Liquidity Pool Staking: 1200% APY — 90 Day Maturity

3. Jupiter DogeDao Liquidity Pool Staking 2: 300% APY — 30 Day Maturity

DogeDao Token Contract:

Buy DogeDao:

Step-By-Step Guide:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Connect Wallet

Step 3: Decide Which Pool you would like to enter — Token Staking or LP Staking.

Step 4: Enter Amount (DogeDao or DogeDao/WBNB Cake-LP Tokens)

Step 5: Click Stake — An approval Transaction will pop up — Approve This & One this has been confirmed a Stake Transaction will pop up — Approve This & You have successfully joined the Staking Pools.

Step 6: You have successfully joined the Staking Pools 🚀 Now you begin earning an APY

Important Notes:

About DogeDao:




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