DogeDao Relaunch Update

After the Unfortunate Dev wallet exploit happened on June 16th, we launched a new coin and airdropped 1:1 tokens to everyone who held tokens in their Wallet as well as those who had Staked in the Pools that were hacked.

We have also sent BNB to people who bought after the exploit and for those who staked.

For anyone facing still facing problems, please make sure you submit the Google form here or contact Dan Vee here:

We also provided liquidity from personal team funds and listed $DogeDAO on PancakeSwap.

Development, New Website & DogeDao Products

Well, relaunching and distributing tokens isn’t enough as we’re holding ourselves as a team to higher standards.

DogeDAO as a project is aiming to launch its own index, there are plenty of products that could pave the way for that. That’s why we are planning a full range of products before that. You can check them here on our new website:

We will schedule development updates in the future and keep you up-to-date with every aspect of development on any products we’re developing.

We’ve already hired a UI designer and are in the process of hiring another full-stack developer. Also, a PO will be hired to follow up on development closely and issue those technical updates for you.

For now, as you see on the roadmap, the first milestone is having the analytical tool ready, we will post the first updates about the UI design and front-end development as soon as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to send us suggestions or feedback via the website form on our website


AMAs, community contests, and paid ads will be planned on social media after all of our digital presence is lined up. We are sanding off the rough edges for our new branding that will be finalized Tuesday, 3rd of August.

We’re also onboarding advisors and will be reaching out to every early $DOGEDAO supporter, so stay tuned!

We greatly appreciate the neverending support from all members of the community. Stay tuned for what’s coming.

Exciting Times Ahead!




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