After the Unfortunate Dev wallet exploit happened on June 16th, we launched a new coin and airdropped 1:1 tokens to everyone who held tokens in their Wallet as well as those who had Staked in the Pools that were hacked.

We have also sent BNB to people who bought after…

Project Updates for May & Beyond ~

Hi DogeDao Community! 🚀 🐶

Its been a whirlwind of a first two week for DogeDao. Starting off as a stealth launch on Ethereum, then migrating to Binance Chain and the huge amount of support we have had from the community.

To get…

DogeDao has successfully migrated to BSC Chain.

Yesterday, we announced we would migrate to BSC Chain in 24 hours. Today we announce we have successfully completed the migration.

All Doge Dao Holders were airdropped the same amount of tokens on BSC Chain & Liquidity was removed and added onto PancakeSwap.

Funds are SAFU, Migration in 24 Hours. All holders receive the new BSC DogeDao.

DogeDao Community🚀🐶

Due to the recent events with Vitalik and Doge Type Coins and our exposure to this happening to DogeDao. For the longevity of the project we will be moving to BSC Chain.

We have…

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